Environmental actions in Blaumar Hotel

Some of the environmental actions we have initiated.

  • Installation of a “Clean Point” in the hotel corridors with separate containers for the glass and plastic thrown away by guests
  • Guests given an ecological ashtray made of recycled plastic to encourage them to contribute to keeping our beaches and open spaces clean
  • Installation of soap and shampoo dispensers in the rooms, saving almost 30,000 individual bottles of these products
  • The use of jam and cereal dispensers at breakfast, achieving a reduction of 4% in the use of individual plastic packages
  • Making bars of soap with recycled olive oil from the hotel’s kitchens
  • New, more sustainable  swimming pool: 50% less water with the same size, 0% use of chlorine, LED lighting consuming four times less than other types of lighting, installation of recycling litter bins to separate different types of rubbish and natural stone paving in the pool area, among other innovations.
  • Other actions: trickle irrigation for gardens, flow reducers in cisterns and taps, environmental education activities included in the entertainment programme, automatic sensor-controlled switches to turn off air conditioning units, etc..

You can download the annual Blaumar Hotel environmental management report here.

For more information about this and other related matters, please contact Nuria Varela Díaz-Delgado, the Blaumar Hotel’s Quality and Environment Director.